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Thomas L. Cohen, the owner of Cohen & Cohen law firm, is a leading accident lawyer in Los Angeles with a settlement rate, as high as 95%. He is one of the most skilled yet affordable accident lawyers in California.

What is a contingency fee?

It is a common payment model charged by accident lawyers in the US. It essentially means that you do not have to pay anything until you receive monetary compensation from your case. You and your attorney will agree upon a pre-determined percentage of the monetary compensation that you receive. Accident lawyers, in general, charge 33% of the total compensation as their fee.

However, factors like the complexity of the case or who pays for the litigation costs, etc. can increase or decrease the amount you pay to your lawyer. For extremely complicated cases and cases involving high risks, your attorney may charge 35% to 40% as his fee. Similarly, attorneys may charge a fee as less as 20% or 25%, if your case is simple and straightforward and is more likely to end in recovery.

What to do after a car accident

Every driver is likely to meet with a road accident at some point in his/her life. While most drivers panic after an accident, take a deep breath and make sure to do the following in the event of a car accident:

  • If your accident has resulted in the injury of someone. Take them to a hospital immediately or offer them first aid.
  • Next step, call the police and report them of the accident and call for medical help if required. Make sure to call your auto insurance provider and report them of the accident. If you are facing charges like driving under the influence, get in touch with a criminal/accident lawyer immediately. Be honest with the police and the insurance agent, when you are asked to explain the accident and its details.
  • Lastly, exchange contact information with the other party involved in the accident and collect all important records. If the other party is in good health, exchange your insurance information with them. Don't disclose too much personal information to the opposite party. Refrain from admitting fault to the other person, or they can file a personal injury lawsuit against you.

Furthermore, refrain from communicating directly with the opposite party's auto insurance company. Our accident lawyer in Los Angeles can communicate to the insurance providers for you in a way that your interests are protected.

Rights of car accidents victims

Car accident victims can claim compensation for their injuries, lost wages, property damage, etc. However, if you do not endure any monetary losses or if you cannot prove your injuries, you may not be entitled to any compensation. To win a claim or compensation, you must present court-admissible evidence in front of a judge.

Call our Cohen & Cohen specialist today for a free consultation by our accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Our lawyer is available 24/7 for your questions and concerns, and we do not charge a fee unless we win your case.

Accident Lawyer Los Angeles