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Do you need a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles? At Cohen & Cohen, we offer expert legal advice and representation. We take care of every aspect of your case, from gathering witness statements and medical records to other case details.

Challenging the officer's testimony regarding your behavior

An officer's observations become an essential element of the prosecution's case if you face impairment DUI charges. An officer can charge you for an impairment DUI if the officer picks up any alcohol odor, bizarre behavior, bloodshot eyes, or slurred speech. Besides, you may also be charged for DUI if your officer catches you for bad driving or if he finds you performing poorly in FST. 

If you want to beat your DUI charge, you must challenge the relevance and authenticity of the officer's observations. While it can be extremely difficult to convince the jury on proving an officer's conclusions as incorrect, our experienced DUI lawyer in Los Angeles can help you dismiss DUI charges.

Getting a lawyer's opinion for your DUI case

DUI cases are handled in criminal court and are a punishable offense in every state. An expert and experienced DUI attorney can help you assess the strengths of your case and find efficient ways to help you dismiss your charges.

A DUI lawyer can gather valid evidence, police reports, and any other important case documents in support of your case within a matter of days. If you try to gather these documents by yourself, it could cost you several hundred dollars and a considerable amount of time.

Tips to choose the right car accident lawyer

If you are looking to hire an accident lawyer to fight your case in court, be sure to choose a highly experienced and skilled lawyer to optimize your case's success. Here are some of the qualities to look for in an accident lawyer:

  • Experience - A lawyer with at least ten or more years of experience can successfully fight your case. An experienced attorney will know the ins and outs of the accident law in your state, the knacks for negotiating with insurance providers, and the least expensive way to settle a case.
  • Communication - Choose a lawyer that is available to take your calls or respond to your emails round the clock. In the end, you are paying them 33% of your compensation. You deserve to know the progress of your case and the updates if any.
  • Negotiations - Choose an attorney that is good at negotiating with insurance companies. Insurance companies will try with all their might to convince you to leave with a small settlement amount. Your attorney should be able to spot the lowball offers and negotiate hard until the insurance provider agrees to a decent settlement amount.

Besides, remember that legal cases can drag for an extended period, so make sure to hire an attorney that you can get along with. Speak with one of us at Cohen & Cohen for a free consultation with Mr. Thomas L. Cohen, a successful DUI lawyer in Los Angeles. 

Dui Lawyer Los Angeles