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Thomas L. Cohen

I have owned and operated my own business since 1983 and have settled, negotiated, and litigated multi-million-dollar cases. From the moment the client walks in the door, our energy is focused to provide assertive and aggressive representation to obtain the best recovery possible in each case. In fact, there are some insurance adjusters in Southern California with whom I have been dealing for more than a decade who can tell you how much we value a fair and prompt settlement of each claim that we handle. Our integrity and pride will let us do no less.What sets us apart from other firms is our client-based focus. Many large firms have attorneys who treat their clients like numbers and do not even read their cases, often deferring them to their clerks and paralegals. On the contrary, it is our goal to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. We work as a team, and our staff and attorneys read every single case. It is our goal that each client achieve a maximum recovery. The phrase, “GET THE EXTRA ATTENTION THAT YOU DESERVE,” is not a mere slogan but our way of doing business with each client.In nearly four decades of practice, I have cultivated an excellent working relationship with dozens of healthcare providers in the Los Angeles area who will treat clients on a lien basis when there is no source of med pay or health insurance. The lien protects the provider’s right to be paid from the settlement and allows the client the freedom to receive proper medical care without having to pay for it out-of-pocket. Our office has always worked on a contingency fee basis such that we are paid from the settlement and the client does not pay any money out of his or her own pocket. In over 90% of all cases, we advance the Court costs and litigation expenses on behalf of our clients and are reimbursed at the time that the case settles. In addition, Thomas is also a certified mediator.

Jake R. Cohen

My approach to the law is one fueled by a passion for our environment, civil justice, and empowerment for the oppressed. As a graduate of University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Denver Sturm College of Law, I know the repercussions of injustice, failed representation, and loss of one’s voice. Therefore, I have made it my mission to be persistent, dedicated, and steadfast with my client’s goals. I treat every case as if it were my own, and I combine this treatment with a “roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude to ensure every client is given the utmost attention, work ethic, and quality that he or she deserves. I have been my father’s apprentice since 2014, and I have been practicing law since 2017. I strive to continue to carry on Thomas Cohen’s legacy as a hardworking attorney that stands for civil rights and civil justice. I am enthusiastic to fight for your needs and rights!